Cigrek Capital: Connecting Retail Clients with Digital Assets

According to studies, people are quite interested in investing in Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets, however, there is a certain resistance when it comes to actually investing in them. It is a new field which seems to be yet unclear and complicated. Cigrek Capital is here to change it.

Our key aim is to make investing in Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets simple and accessible to a wide range of investors. We bring together the right people, give a hand to those who need assistance, and build credibility around everything that is related to Crypto.

Meet The Team

Laura Barscevska

CEO & Founder

I am excited to see how the world changes, and I am in awe of the new technologies and opportunities they bring.

Cigrek Capital is my way of making Crypto and Digital assets available to the masses. I feel honored to be the bridge between people interested in this new class of assets and the world of new exciting opportunities.

Laura Barscevska
Paul Pavli

Paul Pavli

Investment Director

Paul is an experienced financial services professional with over 35 years in Banking & Fund Management in Australia & Cyprus. For over 15 years, Paul has been involved in 3rd party fund management for funds in Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ireland and Cayman Islands including AIFs and UCITS funds, having been a Director and Shareholder of two AIFMs.

Paul has worked on over 50 fund setups and launches, from writing the offering documents to raising monies from investors to Portfolio Management and sitting on investment and risk committees.

He has strong expertise in alternative assets and property fund management, with many years in property lending in Australia and managing several UK based property funds giving him valuable insight into this asset class. Paul has obtained an MBA majoring in Banking.

He is a holder of the Advanced Certificate of CySEC (CN2744).

Anita Economides

Property Bond Specialist

Anita joins the team with over 30 years of experience in business development, across various business sectors from IT, Industrial Machinery and Property.  Living and working internationally she is a resourceful professional, known for her passion and drive in all things business. 

Anita’s key focus has been consulting with businesses, gaining an understanding of their aspirations and putting together plans for appropriate solutions and services to support their achievement. 

Most recently she has been working within the property bond sector linking businesses with investors for the BTL and property developers network.  When she’s not visiting clients you can find her wild swimming in the North Sea.

Uldis Vilks

Uldis Vilks

Visual Communication Director

A visual always brings a first impression, and it is my job to make a great first impression for Cigrek Capital. I want the image of Cigrek Capital to stick in the minds of people so that they see it as a strong, innovative company they can trust.

Evija Petrova

Investor Relations Manager

Communication is one of the main pillars of any business, and my mission is to make sure it goes smoothly. I like to work with companies that shape the future, and I believe Cigrek Capital is one of them. It is a great pleasure to be a part of the team that is working towards making the world a better place.

Evija Petrova

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